Medical Research Projects and MS-Access

We take pride in creating and maintaining MS-Access databases for the medical research community.

Our staff are experienced in the database requirements for all stages of the research project life cycle.

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Data Cleansing and ETL

A large part of our work consists of merging, cleaning and manipulating data.

There are many causes for corrupt, missing or duplicate data and we can provide the tools to fix it.

We can also re-organise data for you by creating extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) routines which gather information from diverse sources to use within your database and applications

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Moodle Miscellanea

A growing part of our business is Moodle - an online Learning Management System

Web site maintenance We have completed a number of projects to modernise existing web sites by updating the graphics and themes that Moodle uses.

Enrollment Analysis We have also delved into the backend of Moodle and produced a number of reports and analyses which allow our customer to predict which students are most likely to complete courses.

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We want all Australian Small and Medium Enterprises, Not-For-Profits and Associations to love their data and have access to the same data transformation and analysis capability as large corporations.

Big Data for little folk!

about iandra consulting and our customers

Who you are....

We cannot over emphasize just how much we would like to see SMEs, Associations and NFPs using their data in ways that are only available to large corporations which have large and expensive IT departments.

Who we are...

Our staff have backgrounds in information technology, data analysis and medical research. We have worked with SMEs, Medical Research Projects and NFPs. We have a strong affinity with the goals of your type of organisation.

Where we are going...

The first stage of computerisation was to move the storage and retrieval of documents from paper to computer. Records of donations, invoices and patient data are now much quicker to access.

The next stage is to analyse that data and identify trends in order to make strategic and tactical decisions to improve efficiencies, decrease costs, increase sales and donations and increase profitability.

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