What is Moodle ?

Moodle is arguably the fastest growing Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the education sector.

An Open Source e-Learning system developed in Australia and now enjoying world-wide reach with a globally active support community.

Moodle provides the infrastructure for many Massive Open Online Courses - otherwise known as MOOCs

Moodle web site design

Moodle is a great LMS, but even with the range of Moodle themes available, educators still require some custom changes.

While Moodle themes provide customisation options for varying degrees of user experience, giving our customers what they need sometimes requires delving into PHP and HTML code.

Moodle Enrollment Analysis

There are many reports available to the Moodle admins, however none that analyse the likelihood of an enrollment completing a given course. This becomes a crucial factor when deciding how to optimally allocate resources to service as many students as possible.