Schema Design

Questionnaires are often the beginning of the database design, telling the designer which information needs to be retained.

However, knowing the statistician's methods and software also allows us to structure the database with a view to reducing costs.

Our experience makes it easy for us to design a database schema which truly reflects the data collected and allows that data to be efficiently moved to the statistical analysis phase.

Data Entry Forms

We realise that research projects can run for years, and that staff turnover and competing priorities can sometimes threaten to compromise the data entry quality.

With this in mind, we design data entry forms that are robust, easy to use, and most importantly, focus on maintaining data integrity.

Queries, Programs, Reports

As experienced Visual Basic (VBA) programmers we can write any queries, reports or programs that you might require.

Data Extraction

We provide a number of data extraction options for statistical analysis.

First we talk to your statistical analyst and determine what software, tools and skills they have available.

Extraction solutions are tailored differently depending on whether your statistician is a medico or a full time bio-statistician. It also depends on what software is being used: we cater to SAS, SPSS and R-Statistics.