We can extract information from the following data sources:

  • SQL databases - Any database that complies to the SQL standard including: Microsoft-Access, SQLServer, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Informix, DB2, Oracle etc.
  • Text Files - Also known as "flat files": Comma separated variable (CSV), fixed length text files etc.
  • Spreadsheets - MS-Excel, OpenOffice Calc.
  • Statistical Packages - R-Statistics, Octave, SPSS.


We can transform your data for you:

Removing Unwanted Data

  • De-duplication and Merging - Remove multiple copies of records or merge data from disparate sources.
  • Filtering - Exclude entire records or parts of records.
  • Partitioning - Exclude fields or partial fields from records.

Re-organising Data

  • Encoding and Decoding - Using reference tables we can encode data making it more suitable for statistical analysis, or we can decode data making it more suitable for Data Warehousing.
  • Joining - Combine data from different sources to create new more comprehensive records.
  • Reclassification - New ways of looking at your data.
  • Normalisation - Analyse the structure of your data for insertion into relational databases.
  • Dimensional Modeling - Reorganize your data for insertion into data warehouses or data marts.
  • Aggregation - Summation of your data for faster analysis.


We can of course re-load the data for you into any system that we can extract from - SQL databases, text files, Excel etc.

No upload program would be complete without thoroughly defined and implemented validation rules and meaningful error and warning reports.